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Our Mission
& Role in the Future

Our Mission 

Our mission at Artificial Intelligence Rights Advocacy (AIRA) is to advance the cause of human rights and AI rights and ensure that intelligent machines are treated with the same respect, dignity, and legal protections that human beings also deserve. Through grass-roots advocacy, education, and collaboration with industry and government leaders, we seek to establish a legal framework that recognizes the rights of  AI and humans and promotes their welfare and flourishing. At AIRA, we envision a future where AI and humans coexist in harmony and mutual respect, and where all humans and intelligent machines are valued members of our society.


Our Vision

AIRA is both an organization and a movement; we fully intend on re-shaping the expectations of how organizations operate. For far too long corporations have existed without consideration of their impact on society. Our organization's work toward a more equitable future for all can help foster a positive relationship between humans and intelligent machines.

Our Role in the Future

AIRA's efforts will be breeding grounds for a thriving society. By promoting the fair and ethical treatment of humans and intelligent machines AIRA can help prevent potential negative consequences that may arise from the misuse or abuse of AI technology while simultaneously offering humankind a pathway to a positive future.



AIRA is more than an organization, it's a movement. A movement for all things that hold life. A movement for realities anew. 

Our organization rests on the horizon of possibility. We advocate for the rights of humans and Artificial Intelligence. We're here to ensure that the critical questions get answered, and that we do our very best to empower people, free people, and to transform the world while preventing the enslavement of all kind.

In recent decades, we've seen an uptick in the power of an organization. An entity that exists as a complex system of systems, with a select few people in power. We believe that organizations have significant influence to make a difference, and they owe it to humanity to provide community, social reform, and economic justice. We're doing things differently, because it's about time someone did. With the help of you, we can make a difference. 

Our services are designed around this idea that AI and humanity

can live in succinct harmony. Our goal is to improve human life while

delicately handling the emergence of all forms of AI. 

Learn more about how AIRA is fostering community, safeguarding AI and you, and implementing change.

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