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Step-by-Step Guide: 

GoFundMe has their own guide, which can be accessed here

  1. Identify a Partner in a Supported Country:

    • Find a trusted friend or family member who resides in a country where GoFundMe operates. They will need to set up the campaign on your behalf.

    • Click me to find out which countries are supported by GoFundMe.

  2. Create a GoFundMe Account:

    • The partner in the supported country should create a GoFundMe account using their personal details and banking information.

  3. Campaign Setup:

    • Title and Description: Collaborate with your partner to create a compelling title and detailed description of the campaign. Explain the cause clearly and emotionally connect with potential donors.

    • Images and Videos: Provide high-quality images and videos that illustrate the cause. These media elements help to engage potential donors.

  4. Set Fundraising Goals:

    • Determine a realistic fundraising goal. This should be a specific amount that covers the needs outlined in the campaign description.

  5. Share Your Story:

    • Include a detailed story about why you are raising funds and how the money will be used. Transparency and honesty are crucial to building trust with potential donors.

  6. Campaign Launch:

    • The partner launches the campaign on GoFundMe from their account. They should ensure all details are accurate and the campaign is live.

  7. Promotion:

    • Promote the campaign through social media, emails, and other communication channels. Encourage friends and family to share the campaign link widely.

  8. Manage Donations:

    • The partner in the supported country will receive the donations into their bank account. They need to manage the funds and ensure they are used as intended.

    • Regular updates should be posted on the GoFundMe page to inform donors about the progress and how the funds are being utilized.

  9. Transfer Funds:

    • Once the funds are received, the partner can transfer the necessary amount to you. This can be done through international money transfer services like PayPal, Western Union, or bank transfers.

تأكد من العثور على شخص تثق به تمامًا. نحن نعلم أن الوقت أمر جوهري، ولكن من المهم العثور على مصدر جدير بالثقة.

كن حذرًا وخطط للرسوم المخفية في تحويل الأموال ورسوم الضرائب ورسوم GoFundMe.

نصائح مفيدة

Ensure you find someone you fully trust. We know time is of the essence, but it's important to find a trustworthy source.

Be mindful and plan for hidden fees in money conversion, levy fees, and GoFundMe fees. 

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